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Richard Carter asked 6 years ago

Dear Doctor,  We met at Swiss on June 6 for an evaluation on my Neurological condition.  At that time you recommended some laboratory tests and an ultra sound test.  The Laboratory tests have been completed and the ultra sound will be completed Monday, June 6. At your recommendation, for „tests of autonomic neuropathy” we have contacted Országos Neuropathia Oktató és Szűrő Központ SOTE I. sz. Belgyógyászati Klinika, where I couldn\’t get an appointment before 22nd Aug. They suggested trying in Budai Neuropathia Centrum, Szent János Kórház, which we did and could get an appointment for 14th June. Do you think I should wait until August, or is it OK to go to St.John\’s? Could you, please also identify whether the test „of autonomic neuropathy” that you asked for is the same that they mention as „cardiac” as opposed to „peripheral”? Richard Carter English only   Tunkli Ilona English and Hungarian